Towards a more responsible Harvard endowment.

  Welcome to the website of the Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition. We are a group of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other community members who are dedicated to changing the way that Harvard manages its money--we want to ensure that Harvard uses its $32 billion endowment for good. In 2014, we will be:

  • Working with Guardianes del Ibe to ensure that Harvard’s timber plantations in Corrientes, Argentina do not destroy precious wetlands and devastate small farmers’ livelihoods.
  • Investigating Harvard’s other fully-owned companies–including Agricola Brinzal in Chile–and calling attention to irresponsible activities.
  • Advocating for a more transparent and responsible endowment.

On this site, you can find our recent updates and press releases, as well as resources about Harvard’s investment practices, including a history of responsible investment at Harvard and a searchable version of Harvard’s latest tax filings.

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